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I've received a batch of recorded talks that are generally low quality.  A speaker was talking to an audience, and a single mic was used to record.  It was placed nearer the audience than the speaker.  At points, there may be group laughter which is at a much higher level than the speaker.  What I'd like is to not have to manually reduce the volume on sections where audience noises are by far the highest levels in the whole recording.  Is there suggestion for a limiter / compressor that could be use for this very "non subtle" use case?  The plugin would be used from within izotope rx.

Thanks, marcus

I do not think a compressor or limiter can be created for such task: compressor and limiters react on signal level, not on the subjective content (audience noise) of the track.

If denoising plugins can't do that automatically, no other plugin on the market will do that.  From math standpoint, that's a tough task to accomplish.

On the other hand you may try using e.g.  Deft Compressor and tune its Key Filter to frequencies prevalent in the laugher noise.  This way it may be possible to reduce at least loud laughter without reducing speaker's voice.

Hi Aleksey,

Thanks for your reply.  I believe I did not communicate the issue clearly.  From your first reply: 'compressor and limiters react on signal level'

This sounds like what I want.  In the recordings, the signal level can peak at 0db in a few parts of the recording, but over 95% of the recording is around -15db.  What I'm hoping is to squash the peak signal levels down while having as little effect as possible on the content at -15db.  I'm not that concerned about the audio quality of the squashed content (audience noise).  So for example, if the peaks could be reduced -9db and the content at -15db remain unchanged, then I could normalize the entire content to -1db and the speaking part , which was at -15db, would now be around -6db.

I hope I'm making sense here.

In this case any compressor or limiter will do - simply e.g. set its threshold to -9 dB and dial in high compression ratio.

Thanks for your reply, I tried and purchased ESBusLim plugin - it does just what I need!

You are welcome!
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