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Hello Aleksey,

though Im a long term Voxengo user, I just realized today, what a beast Polysquasher is!  Compared it with a few other bus/mastering compressors and than I had to buy it :)

It really does this "glue" thingy - IMO better than the so called "TheGlue" ;)

Only little downside I see.

You leave your user pretty much alone...with his ears.

Not much info about the different modes...

I dont ask for technical descriptions!

A few more presets and some thoughts about the basic sound concept of the 4 modes, would already be very helpful!

Well, it is very difficult to describe the modes in a few words.  They all were designed only with the "smoothness" on mind and that they should be a bit different from each other.  You have to use ears to find your favorite mode.

Aleksey Vaneev: Well, it is very difficult to describe the modes in a few words

Well...I dont mind if it takes a few more words :P

I dont say this to cause you work...I just say it cause I want you to sell more plugins!  People love such guidance!

Seriously...a few more presets.  Or some words about the basic character of each mode, would be a helpful guideline for the ears.


here are some of my impressions:

mode 1 - very transparent. even with higher ratio (1.5 - 2).

Can't go wrong with this one!

If its reacting to heavy on the bass...add a little bit of "hi slope".

mode 2 - smooth, classic compression. works good with low ratios

mode 3 - close to mode 2, but seems a lil more transparent.

Really like that one with punch enabled!  A transparent but smooth compression.

mode 4 - seems to be very threshold dependent.

Really need to find the threshold sweet spot on this one.

For me this is the loudness Rider!


My favorite atm is mode 1 with a "1.0 hi slope"

Something like this...Im sure you could describe much better and help our laptop-speaker-bothered ears finding a way ;)

Thanks for your suggestion, but I think such mode descriptions are a bit subjective, some users may disagree with them.

ofc they are subjective...

even my own perception is changing constantly (thats why Im mostly on Mode 4 now).

and thats the reason why I was asking for some developers advice!

You must have had some idea about the sound concept/behaviour of the 4 different Functions...

or the 4 Gain Average modes...

You leave us with lots of possibilities and very little guidance.

Its like playing a bebop jazz gig just by heart.

sure it can be done by ear - for the very experienced ones...

but its helping the ears a lot!

if you have some hint about the chords...;-)

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