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I have a question regarding MS processing in Polysquasher.

I've noticed that when using Polysquasher in MS mode mid and side channels are processed as groups completely individually, i.e. sidechains are unlinked and signal from the mid channel doesn't make any influence on side channel's detector and vice versa.  Is there a way to link them (or vary an amount of linking)?  I thought that "Grp Avg Mix" parameter is done for that but it doesn't seem to do that (or I don't understand something).  Could you please give some explanations?


After loading the "Mid-Side Stereo" preset please change the group assignment of channel "B" to "1".  By default, the "Mid-Side Stereo" preset assigns mid and side channels to different groups.

Group assignment for channel B is already set to 2 ("Side") by 'Mid-Side Stereo' preset.

I feel you wanted to say "change the group assignment of channel B to 1" (which is called "Mid" after you activate the 'Mid-Side Stereo' preset).

(Edit: ok, you already edited your reply while I was writing mine).

So after changing channel B to Group 1, MS pair started to work as as normal stereo pair and now CH.  LINKING works as sidechain linking between M ans S components.  But now I can't change the level of M and S components separately and solo them too.  So it there anyway a possibility to link the key for several groups?

And could you please explain a little bit more detailed what GRP AVG MIX control does.


Yes, I originally made a mistake - I meant assign to group "1".

Indeed, you lose control over level of mid-side channels separately.  But when you link these channels it's not usually obvious you need a separate control over mid/side channel loudness.  I suggest you to use the MSED plug-in to monitor the channels and to adjust their loudness.

Adding additional flexibility you expect to the plug-in is not what I want to do, because it will increase the plug-in's complexity greatly.

The "GRP AVG MIX" specifies ratio (in percent) between channel’s own peak level and average signal level of all channels in the group used to estimate channel’s loudness level.

It means if channel A's loudness is 0.5 and channel's B loudness is 0, the average loudness is approx.  0.25.  Setting the "Grp Avg Mix" to 100%, the level detector will use 0.25 for both channels, if "Grp Avg Mix" is equal to 0%, the channel's own value of 0.5 will be used (0 for channel B).  The “Grp Avg Mix” parameter has no effect if only a single channel is assigned to a group.

Ok.  Thanks for the explanation.  I have similar question about Elephant (hope it's ok to post here).  It seems that Elephant works with M and S groups in a bit different way.  Even in MS mode input and output gains control left and right channel levels but not M and S.  It happens because the chain looks like this, right?:

[left/right input gains] -> [ms encoding] -> [limiting] -> [ms decoding] -> [output gains]

I also noticed that limiting applied to M and S routed to different groups (with same settings) and to the same group (with ch. linking 0%) sound a bit different, while in theory it should sound the same.

Elephant does not support mid/side processing, I'm sorry for confusion, - in the next update the routing presets that setup mid/side processing will be shown dimmed in Elephant.

Haha, ok.  So in my case limiting in MS was only the effect of autosuggestion :)

Andrew_Z: Haha, ok.  So in my case limiting in MS was only the effect of autosuggestion :)

Yes, most probably :-) But actually you just limited L and R channels separately.

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