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The fact that you implemented this feature shows me how much you understand audio.  Side chain is good and all, but I've never found it to be a substitute for the fact that our ears hear high frequency energy as louder than bass energy, and at a consistent slope.  Putting a high pass filter in the side chain of a plugin works alright, but it's a totally backwards solution to fixing the problem of bass frequencies controlling the compressor.  Don't get me wrong, I understand and use the application of side chain filters/eq, but it doesn't do what your hi slope compensation does.

I find this plugin to be ingenious, and incredibly flexible once you get past the unconventional approach.  I really hope it ends up getting as much attention as Elephant has, because I think its design is just as masterful.

I really appreciate your attempts to reinvent the mastering compressor for us, Alexsey.  I think you've succeeded and breathed some new life into a world of mastering that is inundated with an obsession over the 'glory days' of hardware tube compressors.

(again, don't get me wrong, many of those compressors are simply amazing, and it's right to have those tools at our disposal, but we can't get so hung up on the past that we never move forward)



Thank you very much for your comment!  Much appreciated.
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