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I was demoing Polysquasher 2.1 under Sonar 8.5.1 (new version of Sonar just released) and I was seeing a 30% increase in CPU usage when this plugin was enabled.  Is this normal?

I like the sound of the plugin a lot.  I'm concerned about CPU usage though and that concern has stopped me from purchasing the plug at the moment.

Any input is appreciated.



It's most probably related to a frequently-updated user interface of Polysquasher and Sonar's XRay - please try disabling XRay which to my knowledge is a bit "slow" when plug-in updates their display frequently and on a large area.

Wow that was a fast response.

I figured out what it was.

I had changed the setting to X8 next to the master mix button and that was the reason for teh eavy CPU usage.  When I put it back to X1 CPU usage was minimal.  What is that setting and what do you recommend I set it at?



Sorry I meant the setting to the right of where you can name your current setting.

I was looking at the manual when I typed my question and it said master mix there.

Yes, oversampling can tax the CPU hard.  Leaving it at 1x should be usually enough.

Xray in Sonar is another possible "CPU loader" for plug-ins with dynamic displays - well, it was reported to give problems several times - this may or may not have been fixed by Cakewalk already.  Anyway, Xray should be also checked if CPU load is too high.


You can also use the "Auto" setting for oversampling since (last time I checked) SONAR properly communicates when it's in offline render mode.

Yes, "Auto" is quite reasonable choice in Sonar.

Alex and Dan,

Thank you for your replies.  It's a very cool plugin!


You are welcome!
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