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after working a while with polysq.2, i have a few things to suggest:

1. yesterday i made a template for controling polysq. with nocturn. i found that i can not control the options in the edit-page. it would be great, if this were possible, so i can avoid some mousework. maybe you can make all variables visible to controlers?

2. the visualization is a great tool. sometimes i wished to have a freeze button for it, to have a clear and calm view on some actions of the comp in the music.

and it is a bit hard for the eyes (flickering). is there a way to get it smoother? or is it my computer?

3. the autogain feature is nice, but sometimes i like to hear the result of the compression, while working with the threshold. maybe an option in the edit-page or the preference-page to shut it off?

all in all i like what it does and i will find good use for it in my audiowork! thank you,


Thanks for your suggestions!

1.  I'm not really interested in exposing "comp mode" parameters for automation, because these parameters are "embedded" and are not designed to be changed often.  Beside that every change to them will change the name of mode to "User".

2.  I plan to fix problems reported with visualization in the next update. "Freeze" function will be implemented.

3.  It's possible to implement auto gain disabling, but since this may lead to disastrous level differences when switching between modes, I do not think it will be that much useful.  Beside that the practical gain swing is visible on the graph.  Constant gain change is rarely useful.

thanks for your opinion on them!

i like your attitude of being clear :-).

i think you are right with the "comp mode" parameters, this would change the "intention" of this plugin. so i will take "normal" compressors, when i want to fiddle around with settings.

because of the wellthought automakeup-design like it is now, i did not really think about the level differences that will occur with mode-switching.

and yes, i was already thinking that the graph is showing the gainreduction pretty well.

so with the coming update for visualization, this may be solved for me perfectly.



You are welcome!
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