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2 quick questions:

1.  Is Mode 4 supposed to act very differently from mode 2?

I used mode 4 punch on a mix (glue and transients setting) and then I used mode 2 punch on the same mix (glue and transients setting, except I changed it to mode 2) and the mode 2 file was almost 6 decibels louder than the mode 4 file... (5.79 db average difference).  Is that supposed to happen?  Its a big difference....

2.  Which mode do you recommend for squshing loud metal music before limiting and dither?  Mode 2 or 4 or another one, maybe mode 3?



Level difference between modes is unavoidable, unfortunately - the algorithms vary vastly and autogain can't be matched.

It's hard for me to recommend modes for any specific music style - it's your preference.

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