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can anyone on this forum tell me exactly how to set up PS as a surround reverb plugin in Nuendo 3.1 !?

I've tried to gather as much knowledge I could from the posts, but this thing is still a mystery to me.  I'm probably doing something wrong, but what !?

I configured PS as '2 in 5 out', loaded the appropriate impulses, checked that the FX channel was routed correctly, but pluign information still says '2in 2 out', even if I update it.


Plug-in information in Steinberg hosts does not report the actual state of the plug-in.  What's more important is whether you can insert the plug-in into the right slot or not, and whether plug-in is actually working or not.


When using N3, you have a couple of ways to set up PS.

1/. in a 5.1 FX channel, or

2/. in a 5.1 Group channel.

If you set it up in a stereo channel, it will not function as well as it should because the stereo channels routed to 5.1 output do it with a panner, not in discrete channels.

However there can be advantages to using the stereo channel option, as it means you can use a stereo impulse (or 2 mono ones) and output to 5.1 with the panner.

For best results, insert into a 5.0 Group channel (more flexible with routing the outputs) and set to 5 in 5 out.  If you need reverb on the .1 channel, then use a 5.1 Group/FX channel instead.

Advantages to using this method is that you can have a separate IR file for each channel used in PS - load up an individual IR to each slot.  There are multichannel IR sets available on Noisevault.

Alternatively, please feel free to drop me an email and I can send you some .NPR files as a template with PS set up in a few different ways.

If anyone else is interested, I can create these for use on the main website with the presets?

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Thanks for your answer, Neil.

hi Neil and Aleksey

Thanks for trying to help me out, Neil.  A few templates would be most appreciated !

most of us grew up with stereo, but multichannel still seems such a jungle.  Especially when good folks like Aleksey makes a plugin like PS with so many options.  Couple that with Nuendo which has the same kind of open architecture, and someone like me (who always end up mixing filmscores in the very last minute) are bound to despair..

btw, Aleksey, I still haven't stopped dreaming of more multichannel plugins from your hand.  I looked around a bit, and it still seems these are mostly developed for TDM, although the number of people doing pro work on other platforms is ever increasing.

From older posts it appears that Neil has the same wish - and he certainly looks pro to me..

Thanks for your interest, Halfdane.  I do have plans to create multi-channel plug-ins.  It's a hassle for sure as VST spec was never clear on how multi-channel support should work and so many hosts treat multi-channel capable plug-ins wrong.  That's why I have add various tweaks which are, of course, look clumsy.  This does not add much motivation, of course - at times it is better not to release some plug-in for money than to deal with subsequent problems.

I just succeeded in making PS work as a 5.0 fx plugin - Neil was right, '5 in 5 out' and separate mono impulses does the trick.

Afterwards it seems so easy.  I must have been stressed and unable to see the forest for the trees..

PS works great as a surround plugin, Aleksey.  You certainly did this one right.  Maybe it's the otherr way around - Steinberg should pay you to update the somewhat lacking plugins in Nuendo :-)

I see nothing clumsy about your work - 'go on do the voodoo that you do so well..'

Glad this worked after all, thank you for your support!
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