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hey Aleksey, I notice that in SIR (, there is a stretch feature ( that allows you to actually extend the impulse for longer reverb times.

So for example, if the impulse is 2 seconds, it can extend to upto 4 seconds and also shrink.  Could you implement something like this in PS / PS Light ?  Is it difficult ?



I had plans to implement a similar 'stretch' feature.  However, after some investigation I can conclude that it's not easy to implement with the current Pristine Space internal design.  So, I can't guarantee this feature will be implemented in the current version thread.

ahh, that's a shame :") but thanks a lot for responding Aleksey :D

Take care


You are welcome!

Would time-stretching the impulse work?  Probably not but what would happen?

It works, but of course, imaging is lost together with frequency response.  Additional EQing should be applied to preserve original brightness.
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