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Hi Aleksey,

I woud like to share some ideas which I believe can improve workflow.

1.  Actual IR's image.

After applying different ENVs, the image of IR stays the same, it would be more convenient if the image would change according to ENV's we use, especially when we use Volume ENV.  Having the actual image would help to speed up building ENVs and to not make mistakes.  And, could we have the mouse position readout as ''time/db'', please?

2.  Stretching ENV mode.

Often, after spending a lot of time building an envelope you want, you think to yourself 'I wish I could use it for another IR as well'.  But you can't, just because that IR has a different length.  The existing mode lets us move a group of control points around which is very handy, but if we could stretch/shrink that group in vertical/horizontal axes then the modification of ENV would be a snap.

3.  Lo/Hi-Pass ENVs.

I think, there would be nothing wrong if Lo-Pass and Hi-Pass envelopes share the same page, because we are trying to do the same thing on both of them - cutting freq.range in time.  Moreover, it would look much more informative, if it looks like this:

You can judge freq.response straight away.  Again, applying Lo/Hi-Pass ENVs must take an effect on that image.

4.  St.Width/Pan ENVs.

These two could be on the one page, as well.  It could look like this:

Here, you can see Pan ENV (in the middle) shown as a blue line and St.Width ENV presented by two purple lines.  The bottom line mirrors the top line and vice versa.  At the same time, if we shift Pan ENV up/down then St.Width lines must follow it (as it's shown on the right side).  Again, (like with the filter's page described above) we can see all information regarding IR's sound image on one page.

5.  Morphing between two IRs.  Oops, it was a joke :)



Thanks for the ideas.  I've examined them.

1.  I will do what I can do to have an option to see the 'changed' impulse response.  I will also consider changing time/% to time/dB on the volume envelope.

2.  Stretching does look useful, too.  I will try to implement it in the future.

3.  I will see if I can implement this, but right now I think this may require too much efforts to do, and so I may leave this for the future major release.

4.  Even though, this is possible to implement, the concept does not look well to me - it looks pretty much like 'three dimensional' envelope and thus a little hard to grasp with the mind to control.

5.  Morphing (cross-mixing) is possible, too, but not in the current Pristine Space version.

I think these are all good ideas, though I would want for "1." to be optional - sometimes it's useful to see what you're changing from rather than changing to.

dB's are much easier to understand than percentages.

I would very much like to have a separate wave display for left and right channels of the IR.

Andrew, I remember that you've requested separate L/R display already.  Do you think a simple L/R switch will do it for you?  I.e. without adding another impulse response window.

Yes that would do it for me - it's so that I can see the exact position of the initial spikes for each channel, and when left and right are superimposed this can be difficult to see.  So a L/R switch would be a great solution, thanks.


What about if IR had a tipical mono waveform look, where the top half represents the left channel, and the bottom half represents the right one.  Then we would able to see both channels on the same graph.  Different colors could be used for different channels.



I think such display is complicated.  Moreover, some IRs may have several channels.
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