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Hi, I was checking out your product, and I think that having "Auto" as an option for the quality alongside "Low" and "Max" would be a worthwhile addition :)

Oh btw, does the auto switch in your plugins work correctly in hosts like sonar 4 with its vst adapter?  As far as I recall, some other VST programs couldn't detect if they were rendering in offline mode or not and needed an extra "bounce" or "render" button.


JGG, it's not really useful to have an Auto quality option in Pristine Space, because in fact Low mode reduces quality a lot.  I'm not really sure this 'low quality' mode was that necessary.  In the future I will probably try to implement a better solution to this.  Of course, with an Auto quality switch.

As far as I know, Sonar's VST adapter does not report when it is working in the 'off-line' mode.  So, it means you'll have to enable the high quality operation manually - it's not convenient, of course, but nothing can be done here from my side.

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