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Just in case anyone has tried this already maybe you can give me a couple of tips...

I want to see if I can get a more natural 'not in the head' type sound in my headphones by (I already know I can simply take them off, no tip needed there:) ) introducing HRTF, room, phasing, etc into the audio stream using Pristine Space and some impulses.

Over at Hydrogen Audio are some Dolby Headphone impulses.  I believe I can pick up some HRTF impulses lying around the internet also ('lend me your ears' can now be taken literally!).

At any rate the long term goal is to continue with my music even though I have lost my acoustically conditioned studio space and can no longer pump SPLs at any level I wish.  This is my first 'extended' headphone experiment (I already have an opinion about 'straight' headphones and mixing - I won't bore you if you don't...)

Thanx for any tips for those of you that have tried this - or thought about it.

Oh Boy...this is gonna take some time!  Learning and obtaining the correct tools - it's alway the case yes?

I've downloaded the famous MIT HTRF impulses (I think they need to be EQ balanced a bit?) and am studying Andrew Milnes paper at  I'm trying to feed the audio into an acoustic space and then to an appropriate set of HRTF impulses (in the 40-60 degree range, 0 degree elevation - I think).  This might be a poor mans' simulation af a room along with my head (a receptor) in the room - Then monitor in headphones.  That is for the horizontal space.  If that sounds promising then I'll work on the vertical elevation and the width of that somehow...

I also picked up a license for the spinaudio 3D panner which is based on the MIT HRTF's so I'm thinking I should be able to get something happening between the 2 tools.  I'm such a noob at 3D I'll probably have to try a few different solutions to try and place MYSELF (monitoring) in a 3D stereo field like I had in my former home-brew mastering studio.

I also picked up some impulses of the Roland SRV-330 which uses RSS (Roland Sound Space) to simulate a 3D field.  I can use those in Pristine Space.  My VS-1880 has RSS also and there are azimuth and elevation controls that allow you to put yourself inside a sphere (more or less) in headphones.

Also - thinking more about Dolby Headphone - I've done tons of research but have yet to hear it.  It looks big in Europe but is just getting noticed in America (I live 30 min from Dolby Labs too - funny!).  I have the feeling the Dolby algorithms, even though they work for stereo, will try to emphasize a center channel and simulate a rear field - maybe a little too much for my tastes for critical listening and music monitoring.  We'll see - this is on my short list to purchase soon for the apartment.

Anyway - I think there's a soultion here somewhere.  If I'm saying anything here that tickles a comment please chime in!

No comments from me right now - just checking in that I've read your message.  I think HRTF impulses are application specific - they are the same as reverbs.  They are appropriate or they are not.
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