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Pristine Space Light is working great for me here, but I have questions about the high and low pass filters.

Are the cutoff frequencies for the filters variable over the time of the impulse?  That is what it looks like to me.

So, if I set a straight line high-pass at 260 Hz, the entire impulse is just passed through a filter with a 260Hz cutoff.  What is the slope of the filter? --6dB/oct?, -12dB/oct?

Or, if I am completely wrong about all of the above, a little help would be greatly appreciated.  I didn't see too much detail on this in the manual.

Yes, the filters are time-varying.  If you make a straight horizontal line on the envelope plot then the cutoff frequency will be static.  Steepness is -12dB/oct for both low- and high-pass filters.
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