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Hi, hope you can help with my question.

I use FL Studio 5 producer edition, which doesn't support Plugin Delay Compensation (PDC).  What I'm still puzzled about is the whole latency and CPU balance.

I do not record live into my soundcard (AC97) so latency here is not an issue to me.

If I find CPU usage too high with PSlight, I understand I can raise latency above 4096 to reduce CPU load.  You recommend 8192 or 16384.  If I do that, do I need to then use a sample delay plugin on channels that do not use PS light?  I'm trying to understand if by increasing the latency that will put a delay on the reverbed channels which will go out of sync with the non-reverbed channels?

If I need to use a sample delay (I see you have a free one for download), how is it used?

eg If I set up PSlight on a send channel, I take it any mixer channel which is routed through the send will be delayed by the latency of PSlight.  Do I just then route all other mixer channels through a group channel with the sample delay plugin set to the same latency?

Hope you can help


Of course given your host does not support PDC you will need to handle this delaying yourself.

The easiest way would be to group all channels that have not PSLight into one subgroup (it that's possible to do in FLStudio) and all other channels into another subgroup.  Then you may insert Sample Delay plug-in to the first subgroup to accomodate the delay of the latter subgroup.

Indeed, you'll need to set the same delay in Sample Delay as the latency setting of PSLight.
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