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Aleksey, just wanted to propose a small change for the file browser in PSLight.  Right now, you have to click on the box with the impulse name, and maintain the left button pressed so you can scroll through the impulses contained in the selected directory.  The problem is that, when there're a lot of impulses in a directory and you've to use the up and down arrows, they make the list scroll very very quickly, and you lose the focus of where you were before.

My suggestion is: why don't you make the list appear without the need of having the left button pressed all the time?  Just with a single click, the list would appear.  This way, we could click on the up and down arrows and scroll impulses one by one.  Then, as soon as we have one impulse selected by clicking over it (which is mandatory anyway), the whole list would disappear.

What do you think about this?


Jorge, I will rethink the list selection in Voxengo plug-ins.  I do, however, think that the selection as it is now is pretty quick and convenient, but I will consider adjusting its behavior.

Thanks for considering it, Aleksey.  The quick scroll is the only thing that, IMHO, could be improved, otherwise it's very good as it's now.

Do you think lowering speed of the scroll will cure this?

Yes, that's a workaround, but maybe it could be even better solution having the possibility to make single clicks on the up and down arrows to make the list scroll one element by one, and long sustained clicks would make it scroll faster.

Jorge, OK, I'll see if I can implement it that way.
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