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That the Slot/Chn row is placed in between the Aud In and Aud Out rows (so matching the actual signal flow).

If "No Lo Quality" option is selected, that the Quality row is completely removed from the GUI.

And, most importantly, I still find the linking of controls in PS very confusing, and the addition of the little arrows really makes no difference.  Would it be possible for the "linked from" wet and dry controls to be greyed out, but still alterable?

Andrew, I do not think changing Slot/Chn's position will do a good job - in my opinion it may make things less 'logical'.

Removing the whole 'Quality' row is a bit problematic, technically speaking.

As for the linking, I'm not sure how to transform the overall look so that linking becomes more apparent.  Maybe applying some kind of red mask will do better than greying out?

I think of the signal coming *from* Aud In, going *through* the inpulse response (Slot), and coming *out* of Aud Out.  Maybe there's another way to think of the signal flow?

The linking stuff is difficult.  I'd be concerned that a coloured mask might suggest some sort of relationship to one of the slots.  Maybe it's just my brain being too slow with this issue, but I do find the relationships hard to grasp at a glance.

I was thinking: 'Slot' is applied to 'Aud In' with the result going to 'Aud Out'.

Andrew, partial function linking (i.e. only level settings are linked) is difficult to human almost in any situation and in any application.  So I don't even know what can be done here to reduce confusion while not sacrificing flexibility.

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