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I suppose PSpace Light questions can go in here since there's no forum strictly for it.

Anyway, it seems that increasing the latency doesn't seem to have much if any effect on CPU usage on my system.  I had thought that it would lower it some.  I noticed that the help file recommends setting PS Light's latency to match that of your soundcard.  Could this be why raising the latency isn't decreasing CPU, or does it not matter?

Also, when I was demo-ing the light version, I didn't notice that there's no option for low quality like on the full version.Would this have any impact on CPU (if it had a low quality setting to use during normal playback)?

All in all, performance is not too bad on my system (Athlon 2400+), and hopefully I'll be upgrading that soon anyway, but right now I'm limited to two instances if I want to be able to run the other plugins and softsynths that I typically use.



Latency is considerably lower if you increase it above 4096.  Otherwise it should be nearly the same.

Low quality option available in the full version is not of production quality so I have decided not to include it.

"Latency is considerably lower if you increase it above 4096."

Latency is lower if you increase it ;-)

I guess you meant CPU usage.

Yes, sure - a typo, I meant 'CPU usage is considerably lower...'
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