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Are the defaults of 0 dbs dry and -9.6 dbs wet the same as 50% wet/dry?  If not, what would be?  Would -9.6 dry and -9.6 wet be 50%wet/dry?



Setting to -6/-6 is the same as setting 50% wet/50% dry, but with impulse responses the 'mix percentage' logic is not suitable, because auto-gain may adjust the wet level, and the impulse response can be too loud itself.

-9.6 is just a convenient wet signal level.

Hi Aleksey, could you help clarify something for me?

When I load an instance of Pristine Space Light, as stated above, the Wet signal is set to -9.6

Is this still intended to be stuck on a Return slot and used the conventional way, or should the Wet value be set to 0dB?

I guess I'm a little confused with the Wet settings and the A-GAIN funcitonality that my Sends are either being sent to a weaker, non-100% convolution.

What is just a standard default reverb setting?  Wet: 0%, Dry: -inf/MUTE, A-GAIN: OFF?

I'm having trouble judging the standard reverb of impulses as I'm not sure what a default 100% reverb should sound like on it's own with out other modifiers affecting it.  In a sense, I'm finding it a hard to judge downloaded impulses as I may be utilising SENDs to a RETURN that is not 100% wet, especially after A-GAIN has been used.

Sorry, I haven't really written this very well, as I'm finding it hard to actually explain in detail.

Oh, and thanks for providing such a kick-ass reverb.  It's already become one of my default effects. :)

You always hear 100% wet reverb if 'Mute D' switch is enabled, or Dry is at -inf.

What you can adjust with the Wet gain is the amount of wet signal.  It is not about mix percentage.  If you are using PSLight on send then there's no sense in using the Dry gain at all.

As I've already stated, -9.6 is simply a convenient position.  You should tweak it further to your taste.

Since most impulses you may find on the 'net were peak-normalized there is no sense in disabling the AutoGain switch.  Otherwise you'll get some loud overload.

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