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Aleksey, as we all know you're always trying to implement the latest technological innovations into your plugins... any chances of seeing something like this on a future Pristine Space update:

WizooVerb W2:

"HDIR outperforms conventional impulse response across the full stretch of the recording and processing chain.  That

I can't tell anything about this at this time.  I'm not sure I will be using any kind of 'synthesis' technology - I like the full convolution more.

However, what I have plans for sure is a kind of 'stretch' envelope in Pristine Space.  I think it should allow a deeper degree of controllable manipulation of the impulse response.  I doubt anything else is really necessary - Pristine Space already possesses enough manipulation features.

Impulse response is impulse response - any resynthesis on it is the same as trying to extact milk from coffee with milk.

Aleksey, I totally agree with you.

All this "HDIR" stuff sounds like marketing gobble-di-gook to me, you can usually tell because there are absolutely no hard facts being made available.  If I'm going to manipulate an impulse response I'd rather have control over that than have some automated process do it for me.  Oh well, I guess we'll know more when it actually comes out - that's to cover me in case I'm being unfair ;)

Why on earth would you want to put milk in coffe ?

Yannick, have you heard of cappuccino? :) It's basically a milk in the coffee. :)

Got met there :)
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