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Hello all,

I have systematically recorded sweeps with the dry sweep in the L channel, the R channel and in both (C).  This C version used a louder sweep.  I can't check it right now, but I believe L and R were about -16 dB and C about -13.

Anyway, in my subsequent deconvolution, EQ-ing, level changes etc., I have treated the L, R and C recordings in exactly the same way.

I have found some interesting results:

The RT60 values as reported by Waves IR1 and read from Pristine Space display are often significantly LOWER than for the L and R versions.

The C version is also each time much brighter than the L/R stereo-stereo set.  With my Hall types the stereo ones have a nice high roll-off, whereas I find the C versions too bright.

Is it possible that this is due to level differences in the deconvolution process? (input signal being louder, but of course the output also).

Thanks for any reflections ;-)

Peter Roos /

I think this should not relate to level differences.  It may, however, be a result of how device you sample handles L and R channels.  Probably when they are processed separately this gives a different coloration.  I was sampling some device in L, R, C combinations myself and I cannot remember such behavior.
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