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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space most powerful CPU for convolving and other plugins ?

With CPU delopment speed coming down, I don't really see clearly what a solution to this could be :

I am running Pristine Space on my 2.13 GHz Athlon 2600+ XP, with 1 GB of dual channel 400 Mhz RAM.  For the time being this is enough, sometimes only just.

In the future I will need to run Pristine Space in LCR to surround config, with some additional slots for soloist (mono to surround) and support mics (at least one stereo to surround) - this makes for 24 slots, each with an IR of about 3 secs.

All this at 96 KHz...

In addition, some extra's like a multichannel Elephant, or a multichannel CurveEQ.

Does anyone have an idea about dual Xeon or dual Opterons ?  Or is there no real advantage compared to single processor systems ?

Anyway, in the next six months I will probably have to find a PC that is AT LEAST 4x as powerful as what I have.

Also, Fxteleport could be a solution (running VST on a remote PC), but I don't know yet if this supports multichannel VST plugins.

Any thoughts or visionary comments are welcome !


Probably you should consider getting dual Opteron and get memory chips with the best timings.  The latter thing should make difference to convolution computations.  However, one thing to consider is that AFAIK Steinberg hosts do not parallelize (i.e. run on different processors) processing of plug-ins with non-zero latency.  At the same time newer 3.x host versions may already resolved this limitation.

Thanks.  Seems like a lot of money for the moment ...

I think it was discussed on the (Soundscape) forum that Soundscape does distribute VST plugins over multiple processors.  I need to check on this.


Hi Aleksey - that sounds interesting, would you expect to see an improvement in convolution performance using DDR2700 rather than 2100? - I need to buy some more RAM (notebook) and haven't been too sure what difference memory speed makes (I'll have to ditch my current 512MB of 2100 RAM if I want to go up to 2700).

I'm not sure about memory's frequency thing, but theoretically this should help convolution (*if* memory bandwidth is a 'bottleneck' in your current setup, with your current projects), otherwise it may not help much.

I really think you would struggle getting a CPU to handle all of that; have you considerd a second computer and then using 'transport' software to share the VST loading?  There is quite a bit of software now available to allow remote running of VST plugins so you could run half on your current PC and half on a new computer.  This also has the advantage of not making your current PC redundant and making it cheaper to upgrade.

Here's one solution


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