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First I want to say thank you for a great program, works like a charm using 64 samples, I now have purchased PS.

But please can you advise me on the following:

Say I am using the "true stereo" template and I put a inpulse called "Reverb x" in slot 1. and the same "Reverb x" in slot 2, in slot 1 would I put the "Aud Out" L and R both to "out L" and slot 2 to both L and R to "Out R" and also put the slot 1 "St Width fully left, and slot 2 to fully right??

Also if I send a mono signal to PS is it best to still use 2 impulses (slot 1 and 2)?

Just want to make sure I am setting it up correctly.

Thanks again for a great program,


When using the template I guess you should not change the output assignments.

Also, on mono or narrow sources, true stereo does NOT work as well as mono to stereo (normal) convolution.

Basically you get two slightly different (but sometimes correlated) reverbs on the same source, which can get phasey to me.

This brings us to the last point : in a true stereo setting, you have to use different impulses in slot 1 and 2 - otherwise you will have basically a mono to stereo arrangement.


I suggest perceiving each impulse in 'true stereo' configuration as an impulse applied to one of the inputs thus producing two outputs.  Outputs from different channels then get summed.  Meaning you have two outputs in the end: 1L + 2L and 1R + 2R.  Where 1 and 2 are impulse responses.

As Yannick suggested, you should not change the default factory preset as it has been configured for a seamless true stereo operation already.

Thank you Aleksey and Yannick,

Still learning!

Do you think it might be a good idea for someone to give some examples using say SX2 or other sequencers using different setups with PS?

Thanks again for your help!


It should be also said that Pristine Space due to VST specification limitations (or unclearness) cannot be conveniently used with stereo and multi-channel projects at the same time.  Its configuration should be changed whenever you switch from stereo to multi-channel project.  I'm working on finding a solution for this, but without positive results so far.
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