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I'm not sure if I've used PS in Tracktion before, but after rescan and restart, regardless of it's location (in Rack or channel), I cannot get PS to make a noise!  It's fine in Live, Bidule and Logic..

Another post mentioned that it was working fine in Tracktion so I what can I do to find out why it's silent?


After a little bit of a thinking stick, I realised that I had set the latency on my MOTU 828 to the inbetween figure of 768 samples, not 1024 or 512.  Changing it back to 512 brings the sounds back.

However, why would Tracktion complain while Bidule, Logic and Live are quite happy to work in the frequency domain at this odd latency?

Maybe I'll ask the RawMaterialSoftware guys.

Simply disable the 'Zero latency' option in Pristine Space then. 'Zero latency' mode has a limitation on the audiocard latencies you can use.

Ok, I've got a problem,

Having correctly setup my rack I can only use the first two convolution channels - any audio I pass through channels 3 to 8 comes out as if PS isn't even there!  Turning off zero latency and turning the dry through on, I can here the PS convoluting the first two channels by the fact that it's late, and it's got reverb on it, but, like I say, channels 3 to 8 are not processing.

It's definitely set to process 8 channels.

Am I the only one suffering?

I guess it is a problem with Tracktion - probably it does not treat multi-IO VST plug-ins correctly.  I suggest contacting its developer for further information.
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