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Would it be possible to implement some kind of capture function?

Lets say I combine two different IRs, adjust envelopes until I'm happy with the combination,

I'd find it extremely useful if it was possible to capture/bounce the output to a new file.

This way one could create completely new IRs from existing ones, and it would save lots

of cpu cycles compared to making a preset containing several IRs...

Wishful thinking more than realism perhaps?



You could always either run a sweeptone through the combination, or a dirac, and then deconvolve the recorded file.

Good idea.

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Hi Neil,

Sure, I can capture the combination using any of the mentioned methods.

However, I'd assume a bounce/render of the output (preferably 32 bit) would ensure maximum/better quality compared to a "re-capture".



You may capture impulses yourself, easily.  All you need is to create a 32-bit track with a single dirac spike on it (single sample equal to 1.0, other should be zero).  Then apply your Pristine Space settings and you will get an impulse of settings you have used.  You can then save this track as an impulse and use it afterwards.

I.e. it won't be 'better' if I do it in the plug-in itself.

Hi Aleksey,

It seems we posted simultaneously :)

My experiences with dirac hasn't been very good.  I've done exactly as you explain using my own "home-made" spikes with far better results.

It's not a big deal though, I can always tweak IR combinations in my host to get a perfect result.  The only problem is that it might take lots of tries to get it right since it has to bounced and then tested in Pristine Space.



I don't see a problem with using dirac, at least in the case of Pristine Space.
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