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I am in the process of making .fxb Cubase preset bank files for all my collected impulses, but how do I expand the list of factory presets?

What I mean is that there are 7 or 8 factory presets when you load up Pristine Space, but I need at least 64 empty programs to make my own, and AFAIK this is a feature that is handled by the plugin, not by the VST host?

I would not increase this number to 64 for sure as it is not generally useful.  Indeed, this is up to the plug-in how many presets to provide, and there lies the problem.  I treat these presets as factory ones assuming users will use FXP (preset) files instead of the whole banks.

So I would suggest you to use FXP files for storing your presets.

Why should we use .fxp preset files instead of .fxb preset banks?

I want to quickly "dial" a good reverb, not loading single presets every time.  Think of i.e. the Lexicon PCM90/91/960L impulses over at Noisevault,

for the PCM90 rooms, there are 50 impulses alone.  Saving them all as .fxp files and then loading and auditing every single one of them is nothing but a waste of time and a backwards way of working, compared to have them all stored in a single bank.

Why not give us the option, at least just give us a template .fxb file with 128 empty presets so we can make our own?

OK, I will do it later.

Much appreciated! :-)

It will be one heck of a resource hog, no?

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Neil, indeed it will be as each preset slot consumes about 30k of additional memory.  On the disk it should be pretty compact as I will be compressing the bank and preset files.

I will try increasing it to 32 slots to see how it works.  64 (or even 128 ) seems like too much.

30k per slot?!?!  That's pretty extreme, I had no idea extra presets required that much, with 32 slots (which I agree is probably more than enough), Pristine Space will grow another 750KB of memory when used?

Yes, indeed, it will be 750k.  You know, it has many envelopes and slots and so things have to be stored in the memory in an 'expanded' mode.  I do not think it's a problem though.
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