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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space 2 Versions - is it possible?


Is it possible at all to have 2 installations of PristineSpace on the one machine - this way I can have one configured for Surround, and the second configured for Stereo.

Or will it not do any harm to have an instance with 6 in and 6 out pre configured, and use this in a stereo project?

I ask as it always makes me somewhat nervous changing parameters like this on a regular basis, as one fine day I am going to forget to switch it back again.

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Unfortunately, this is not possible.  If you are interested, I may send you a version which tries to switch number of IO channels in real-time.  I have doubts this will work in all hosts, but this may work for you.  If it does, I'll release an update shortly.  Write me to

I would like to test that version in Soundscape, although it is not really a problem here.  I just leave it in 8in 6 out all the time, if I use PS in stereo, the other channels are muted anyway.


I know that this is a problem if you use Nuendo (Cibase SX) AND wavelab because Wavelab doesn't like Pristine space then it's set to something other than 2 channels.  How is the number of channels stored?  It's not the best of solutions but a program (or just reg file?) to change the number of channels before opening Wavelab (or maybe you could do that while wavelab is running but before opening Pristine Space).  This way you don't have to quit Wavelba and open Nuendo just to change this.

But then again an automatic alternative... that would be the best.

/anders hannus

I'm working on finding a solution to this.

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