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I just received the Sonar4 and realized that the Cakewalk vstadapter only supports 2 channels and that they do not have plans for adding more.

Do anyone know of another vstadapter that can handle surround?



I personally never read about any multi-channel support capable VST-DX adapters.

Is it just hard to do or is there anything preventing anyone to write it (or expanding existing)?


I do not know exactly why this has not been implemented yet.  Probably because there were no hosts that supported multi-channel DX plug-ins yet.  With the introduction of Sonar4 things may change.

Johan, I think your best bet is to email a feature request to Cakewalk to update their adapter to support surround.  I think it's a bit of a gap in functionality for SONAR 4 to support multichannel DX but not VST!

Yeah.  Already told Cakewalk about my wishes.  They responded that they have no plans at the moment to update the adapter to support surround.

Perhaps if more people start to request such a feature they consider to implement it.

Well I've requested it, so that makes two of us -- I suppose it's a bit of a niche until they get at least three requests ;)
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