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Hello Aleksey Vaneev is it possible for you to create a simple full wet plugin with gain to read 16/24/32/96/ impulse files?  One stereo impulse reader to use with The Channel Emulator Series Volume 01 from .  I love the Pristine Space Plug-in but it is tooooo intensive to use in every or several tracks.  For reverbs and larger impulses it's the best out there.

Voxengo plugs are changind the way Audio Daws can sound.  AWESOME!!!

We need a simple one to read compression/class A Pre-amp impulses, so that every track can have a nice character sound.  Low CPU Consumption.

I believe with using pipelineaudio's The Channel Emulator Series Volume 01 and the other list of Class A pre amps he and other have Impulses from your mix along with Your (Voxengo's Plugins) the sky is the limit on how you can make your mix sound.

Please, Please consider doing this.  Please, I will pay for a custom plugin like this.  Please Respond :)))

lovemuzic FOREVER!!!! :)

Thanks for the request, I'll probably contact Aaron on this matter and we'll see if such custom convolver with built-in impulses is possible.

But I have to add that it won't allow loading external files.

Thanks, that would be Awesome.  He has the pipelineaudio's The Channel Emulator Series Volume 01 and here's info from site of pipelines other impulses.

Welcome to the Impulses of Ultimate Domination!

The IUD is scheduled for insertion

Thanks huge bunches to Capslock, who looks like will be taking on the brunt of the work.  Also Alex from Voxengo for letting me bug him all the time.  And thanks to Robotobon for staying up late and helping me out with convolution theory.

These are a series of stepped 96khz 24 bit impulses made from stuff around my studio.  I made impulses from -18dB to +9dB in 1 dB steps at various settings.  This is my first time using Voxengo's Deconvolver, and worse it was in demo mode so this took forever and a half!  Renaming and splitting up all the impulses was a chore in itself, but hopefully it will be worth it.  I am hoping that creating stepped impulses in this way will nudge a plugin developer to make a "threshold stepper convolution app".  I can explain my reasoning if anyone bites.

The gear captured includes

Neve 1272

Calrec 1061

Focusrite Red-8

True Systems Precision 8

Manley Voxbox

API Mic Pre

SSL Logic FX G383

DBX 160 SL

Teletronix LA-2A

Gear used for the captures was Voxengo Deconvolver, Lucid Genx6-96 word clock, RME HDSP 9652's, RME ADI DS for input, Benchmark DAC-1 for output, and of course, vegas 5

I really learned a lot while making these.  One thing VERY surprising was the calibration.  Most of these units were not even a tenth of a dB off in level thru the whole -18 to +9 range!  Amazing!  Also many of these were nearly ruler flat up to 40khz or so, or just some slight mellow dip.  In my own mind I think I cant put to rest many of the myths and urban legends that get blanketly applied to all analog gear.  The gear here was surprisingly consistent.

Some of these impulses you may find useful, some you may find useless.  SOme like the noisier ones may be unuseable, or maybe just the thing for some lofi.  If you dont like them, sue me.

Aleksey, how about creating a more efficient stereo/mono version of Pristine Space.  No other functions but full wet for impulses like this with a -/+ gain nob, that will read all formats (aiff, wav 16/24/32/96).

Strictly for pre-amp,compression,channel Emu Impulses only not reverbs :))) ?????

This is RRRREeeaaallly needed, so that we can use on all channels along with Full Version Prisitine Space for verb pulses.  Do you know what I mean?

Thanks U Rock! :)

lovemuzic FOREVER!!! :)

OK, thanks for the idea.  I'll think about it.  Such plug-in will probably also limit the length of the impulse it can load.

Thanks for even considering this cool plug-in.  That would be fine if there was some limitations as long as it could take Pre-amp, compressor, or EQ impulse lengths.  We just need a cool effecient impulse reader that could be used on most tracks like crunchessor can be used.  That is an Awesome plug-in also by the way:)

Aleksey, I just want to say that you have done an Awesome job on all your Creations of all of your Voxengo Plug-ins.  You have made many producers, artists, novelist etc mixes stand out from others and you are a Great asset to the Recording Community.  I would and do endorse all of your work.


lovemuzic FOREVER!!! :)

Thank you for your support!
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