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How about the deconvolver update involving multichannel IR sets with correct absolute levels ?

It would be a great feature and would save lots of time.


Why would you like to normalize a whole IR set?  I plan only a multi-channel normalization for the future Deconvolver update.  I will probably leave a 'normalization off' switch also, but not anything more than that.

I do NOT want to normalize, that is just the point.  Or I want to be able to deconvolve with a user definable gain, not a normalized level as it is now.

Imagine a impulse set of 1 surround (3 to 5 ch) mic in the hall, with 9 stage positions for the speaker.  If I want to create a time aligned / relative level correct set, this would be much easier without normalization for each IR separately (as it is now).

Even ONE multichannel normalization does not solve this, because in my (real world) example, this would be a 27 ch set !

My intention is to create surround sets one can open and listen to without having to tune the levels - if one is using a properly calibrated 5.1 setup.

As it is now, a back right speaker position/back of the hall reverb has much more reverb than a centre fontstage speaker position/front of hall reverb - due to the direct signal in the latter (forcing deconvolver to normalize to a lower 'reverb'level).

Is you would give the option NOT to normalize, but a user definable gain, I could deconvolve and see if one IR has an overload, and readjust myself.

It would be great you would give the option to have a fixed gain structure when doing batch deconvolving - very much like what you intend for a multi channel deconvolution ?

OK, I'll add a 'gain' switch which will be used when the normalization is off.

Great !

By the way, once again, this week we had the proof that (reverb) convolution is the biggest advance in recent recording history.

Thanks a lot for Pristine Space !

We use it a lot in 6 in 4 out configuration, but actually could use a version with more slots (contrary to the need for a stereo version).

Using 6 ins, we can get eg a main pair in, a woodwind pair in (both true stereo), a soloist mono to stereo slot, and then eg a percussion spot mic.

Of course, in this case we would need 12 slots ...

It would sure be great to have stereo slots ?

Imagine this in a surround setup (I don't think my PC is up to it - yet).

Some people just don't stop asking for more ...



Glad to hear about your achievements!

Stereo convolution channels is not really a way to go for Pristine Space, at least in my vision.  In any case, thank you for your interest!

Any news about the update ?


(It's just that you spoiled everybody by being too quick ...)

I'll probably release an update with such normalize off/default gain option soon.

But I'm also thinking about multichannel deconvolution support.  How do you think it should work?  Feed it with mono and stereo files so that it creates a single multichannel file, or feed it with a multi-channel file initially?  In the first case batch processing would probably not be possible.  What do you think?

I'm sorry - was quite busy and haven't been able to use the updated version of deconvolver.  Thanks for the solution anyway !

Regarding multichannel, you are right : option one is useless, especially if batch processing does not work.  It would not make any difference, as we can import the separate IR files in PS anyway.  Or make them into one multich wav file in the right application.

In my situation my DAW can import multich wav but not (yet) export them, so I'm out of luck (for the moment).

Ultimately, this is a problem of the soft which is used to capture the sweeps.

I think for you batch processing is a more interesting feature.

Maybe someone could write use a little soft that enables us to link several mono/stereo wavs into one multich wav (manually) ?



Yannick, I'll consider creating such 'stitching' program.
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