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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space How about SD2 file format support?

Could it be possible to include support for Sound Designer 2 file format as there are a lot of free SD2 impulses made for Altiverb?  The file conversion by hand is tedious and I suppose lots of Pristine Space users would appriciate the vast amount of high quality impulses in SD2 format.

Could you point me to any website with the SD2 impulses (preferrably multi-channel ones)?  I may implement the support.

This has some impulses in wav format, but most of them are in SD2 format.

This has a lot of different SD2 impulses.  For example the EMT 250 impulses and the collection of every preset from the Lexicon 960L seem tempting.  Also several churches.  Some impulses are from the site linked above.

Most of the impulses on these sites are mono to mono, mono to stereo or stereo to stereo but there are some quad version of the churches.  Because of the Altiverb supporting SD2 there some dedicated people doing interesting impulses in SD2 format.  Atleast I would be extremely pleased if you could implement the support.  Not that I'm not pleased already. ;)

Thanks, I'll check this out.
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