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Thanks Alesky, yeah it was the Presets configuration that which got me confused about routing options.

I don't know - the sound is excellent but I'll try this for an hour tomorrow and if I'm frustrated then I must move on, back to stacked SIRs becaseu it's easy and intuitive.

Remember dear sir that the slogan "Technology with soul" - this plugin certainly has the technology but if I invented this I'd spend a weekend with graphics/right breain creative types and make it easier to use - it needs the Soul still

thanks for that info reply Aleskey... that is pretty much what I thought and what my experiments show.... the logic of how PS works is a little strange at first but with just a bit of experimentation it does make sense to me... it's just a bit different than most anything else and takes some getting into PS's own state of mind... [smile]

I will get and try the beta asap, thanks for the pointers!

Joey you are very rude but perhaps this is only a sign that you are under pressure for something.  If the deadline draws near it is not a wise thing to rely on software which is new to you.  Use whatever you used before or move the deadline.

Otherwise if you calmly read the manual and try the presets you should figure it out in a few minutes - I did...  It is often a good idea to have a flowchart but it is not mandatory.  Acctually I think in a good app the gui make the flow obvious!

Also, perhaps the documentation (in your eyes) "suck" but the plugins certainly does not.

Good luck Joey.

Sunny greeting from Sweden


Funnily enough, I do not even have the real name of 'Joey' on the registered users list...  I've removed his latest messages to keep things calm.

Aleksey accepted my true heartfelt appologies for my being rude.

You know though, any of us can be extra-stressed due to the fact that we all want cutting edge in our #1 performance and #2 our ability to count on our tools to help deliver the job.

And if any of you gets overwhelmed and freaks-out like I did, I'll give you the benifit of the doubt too.

All the best (I'm still thinking flowchart but this time in Flash),


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