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Too much guesswork if you're running dual-mono impulses or stereo - maddening.  If I have a mono impulse on left channel (slot one) and a mono right impulse in slot 2, that's cool.  But what if I only have a stereo impulse to start in slot one?

Does slot one accept a stereo impulse and pan it to both slots or just the leftmost slot or ???

From then on it's guesswork, and that little bit iof flowchart info is critical, in my opinion.

The potential of this plugin is awesome, but it needs a good flowchart because of the guesswork factor.

All in all Voxengo plugins blow away Waves in every aspect - I've tried them all - and if I could just understand Pristine space a little better...  I'll go ask questions about th other plugs ;-D

Lastly, one reason I ask is the manual isn't specific - it mentions that delay compensation isn't good at multiple impulses, yet implies the slots are stacked, e.g.  Slot 1 and 2 are L and R for 3 & 4 etc.

Help !

All the best,


Each convolution channel accepts a single channel from any slot - be it mono, stereo or multichannel impulse file.  ONE convolution channel - ONE impulse CHANNEL (and not the whole impulse SLOT).

I do not see why one needs a flowchart, because it is up to the user how to route everything.

I cannot understand the last point of your post. 'Delay compensation isn't good at multiple impulses' - I cannot understand the context of this statement.

There is one thing that I think makes the signal flow of PS particularly confusing and that is the position of the Slot/Chn buttons and the Aud In buttons.  It would make a lot more sense if the Aud In buttons were above the Slot buttons.

A static flow chart -- a bit like the Help Desk in Curve EQ -- would be helpful.  Something which just explains what Slot/Chn and Aud In and Aud Out are, and how Slot Linkages work, and how the signal gets from host to impulse response to volumes and out again.

OK, I'll review the user's manual and try to do something to make things clearer.  However, I really do not understand what is so confusing.  Probably, it is just an initial issue with 'threshold of understanding' which actually cannot be resolved by any means other than direct experience.

I'm also planning to add a 'Flow' diagram you were talking about - seems like it's a pretty important thing to know, for this kind of plug-in.

A picture speaks a thousand words...

What may seem obvious to you may not be to a new user.  I think it would help to clarify in the manual that:

Aud In and Aud Out refer to the host's channels (not some internal channel within PS)

Chn refers to the channel of the impulse response file

Slot refers to a place in Pristine Space where an impulse response is stored and manipulated by envelopes and eq

There 8 slots so up to 8 impulse responses can be simultaneously loaded and manipulated.

Anyway a picture would make all of this much clearer.

Another suggestion to help simplify things is that if the options (in the config page) are set to 2 input and 2 output channels, only two Aud In and Aud Out options should be shown, instead of all eight, and in this special case of two channels they should be called L and R (rather than 1 and 2).  This will simplify the program for the majority of starting users who will be using PS in a stereo rather than multi-channel environment.

Another suggestion is to change the way that grouping is done with the controls -- so that when controls are grouped and when *either* control is moved the other one follows.  I think this is much more intuitive than the current way of doing it -- same for envelopes, changing each grouped envelope should be reflected by its partners.

Of course I may have missed many things and there may be good reasons why you've set up the grouping the way you have ... anyway, just some ideas.

Andrew, thanks for ideas.  I'll make use of them for sure.  The only thing I won't change easily is grouping (envelope linking).  I do not see any better way of implementing grouping without the necessity of a major refactoring.

I think what Joey wants to know more about could be explained in an example if anyone would care to do so:

If I understand him this is the big question:

On the site are a set of lexicon IR's in stereo.  Each IR has a Left and a Right wav IR.

so to get the full stereo IR as an FX in PS, I would imagine loading the Left IR wav into Slot 1 and the Right IR wav into Slot 2 and then to deal with the routing.  Lets say all we want to acomplish is to send in one audio signal that is a stereo signal and have it processed by both the Left and Right IR wav's, ok?

Can someone just tell as an example how to set the routing on Slots 1 and 2 to have this work correctly?  Thanks much.

Thanks Aleksey and others.

Here's my concerns:

The new flowchart looks like this:

And here I took that into Photoshop and made visually my concerns:

Is that more or less the signal path of the convolution, especially with more than one source?

Sometimes visual is the only way with creative-types like me.

If you or anyone here would like my Photoshop "source" to tinker with, here it is:

It's compressed with RAR.

Thanks, let us know!

Oh, as for the manual descrepencies let me re-look and I'll edit it into this posting,


max, all you need is to load the 'True reverb stereo send' preset and load both impulses to slot1 and slot2.  I also suggest you to 'link to' slot 2 to slot 1 (selector near 'A-GAIN' and 'REVRS' switches).  Also, please install the latest v1.2d beta since it features a very important fix for impulse linking.

Joey, as I see from the chart you've posted you want to accomplish serial processing?

You may load the '2-step 2ch serial insert' preset, load all four impulses to slots 1-4, and then reassign 'File/Chn' in all four convolution channels (by default they are: 1/L, 1/R, 2/L, 2/R while you should have 1/L, 2/L, 3/L, 4/L).  Do not forget to link slot 2 to 1 and slot 4 to 3.  This should work pretty well with the latest v1.2d beta.

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