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Today I had time for just trying to find a good reverb for orchestral strings.  I have the UAD1 card with the Dreamverb and RealVerbPro, but nothing really pleased me although I searched and tweaked for hours.  Then I came to think of trying SIR, and THAT was the sound I was looking for.  But then I wanted something I could use in realtime.  I did a little search and saw a mention of Pristine Space.  I tried the demo, and I was sold...  Ahh, finally a reverb that can make an orchestra sound REAL!

Lars, Denmark


I too have been using SIR, and find it almost always sounds better than UAD-1's Realverb and Dreamverb.  But I've had a lot of problems with SIR.  It's just not stable on my system.  Pristine Space is a great solution.  It not only sounds better than SIR, it is extremely reliable and eliminates the pops, clicks and noises I got with SIR.  It is well worth the price.
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