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Hello, just wanted to mention first off that I'm amazed by the support here, and the response time on these forums... questions answered until they're solved the same day, even patches released THE SAME DAY, unprecedented in my 7+ years DAW experience (though UAD was very nice as well).  Of course the demos sound great, or else support wouldn't matter.Just shows how the passion goes into the product, then comes out the other end in the music.  Came here looking for Impulse Modeler...then downloaded demos... then checking mastering plugs... then checking wallet...

Wow, that Elephant sure is nice...

Anyhow, I've been using SIR for a few months and really prefer it to Realverb(and Dreamverb) on the UAD-1, and Waves Trueverb.  I prefer to use reverb on individual tracks with different settings to improve depth of field, rather than on the master.  Most of my recording is the same format, a 10-16 piece latin band (of which I'm a member) or demos for same, so I'm usually trying to simulate a live stage setting in the mix, at least for the backing tracks.

Had an idea to make IR's of my favorite room, leave the recording mics the same, and move the source to each 'players' position for a separate IR.  After some surfing I came here to see if Impulse Modeler could do the same or similar without the field recording (and indeed it can, if I am correct).  What I'm trying to find out is how to implement those IR's in a project (I use both Logic5.5 (PC) and Nuendo/Reason, but prefer the latter these days).  SIR is a little too slow for this.

Noticed that Pristine Space has much lower latency, and 8 'channels'... my question is, can these channels process separate tracks?  And if so, how to configure it in Logic and Nuendo?  For example, could I put one PS on a bus, then send horn tracks to channel 1, conga mics to channel 2, etc. with same room/ different source points for each?  Or would I need 2 PS's for 8 IR's, as their output is stereo?  The incoming tracks would be mostly mono, and I'd probably want 8 different source points for the room.  If there's a completely different config needed for this (like 8 instances of PS) and I'm way off here, please set me straight.

Also if I would need to run 8 Pristine Spaces, could my DAW do it?  I'll post specs below, but should add that other than rev I use compressors from the uad-1 and a smattering of host plugs, depending on host.  Also use exs24s for sample instrs during demos in Logic, and reason nn19/nn21 rack in Nuendo.  I wouldn't need to track with 8 PSs, just mix.

Again, thanks for restoring my faith in support...

Asus a7v333, AMD xp2600+ Barton, 512mb Samsung pc2700 (soon 1gig)

WD800jb (sys), Seagate Barr V ata133 (audio)

MAudio Omnistudio, usually 24bit, 128samples latency

UAD-1 card, watercooling, etc.

I guess you could do it with Pristine Space and aux sends - don't quote me on that you're ahead of me.

Andrew Milne wrote an article about seperate IRs in a soundfield like you've mentioned and posted it at - I think he used the Voxengo Impulse Modeler.

If he doesn't drop by here in a bit I'll try and find it for you...I believe it'll make a great sound but I haven't tried it yet....

PS I agree that the development and support over here is unbeatable.

I believe both Logic5.5 and Nuendo won't allow you to freely allocate and utilize Pristine Space's channels.  Nuendo simply cannot do it while Logic supports stereo VST plug-ins only (i.e. no multi-IO plug-ins).  Only modular hosts like AudioMulch allow to utilize Pristine Space to its full.  I don't know Reason, maybe it supports free signal routing, too.

So, the only option for you here is to use several instances.  With 8 instances you will be able to run 8 stereo reverbs in both Logic and Nuendo.  Possibly, in real situation, you will need a less number of stereo reverbs so that your DAW can handle these.  I suggest using 8192 or 16384 sample latency for mixing because this way you can minimize the CPU usage.

FYI, this is what I posted on :

"To give credit to Aleksey : on my WinXP system with single Athlon 2600+ (1.92 GHz) I can put 6 instances of Pristine Space, each with one true stereo to stereo setup (using 4 channels), with host application buffer on 512 and PS latency on 4096.

And I can still record 32 tracks ... "

Mind you, I was forced to buy a A7N8X-E motherboard (I had the same as yours that was giving me trouble with my new 1GB ram..., and probably some minor fault since the beginning)

I work with Soundscape SS32 + mixpander9 DSP card, which gives me 16 (in the near future 32) streams to and from the PC, straight into my Soundscape mixer.  I can put 4ch, 6ch, 8ch mixerstrips wherever I want, so Pristine Space is really a joy in this environment !

Your workaround could be using PS in Audiomulch, which will only cost you about 50 dollar to have a licensed version, that is what I did until Soundscape released the VST support last month.


Hey, thanks for the input...  I'll have to check out Noisevault as well as this site...

Your responses have (of course) prompted more questions... like what is this Audiomulch thingy ?  I'll search, but in the meantime, if someone could enlighten me as to how to use it with PS?

Yannick, it indeed does sound like the same setup idea, though I covet your SS card.  I also had a problem with 1gig on this board (rev 1.02a) and was forced to revert to 512mb.  Sounds like your a7n8x is the business... are you satisfied with it?  Was thinking of upgrading but the nforce stuff made me feel like it might be hard to disable onboard sound for some reason.  Sorry to get off topic, but does it have FW?  I'd like to expand with a tascam 1884 soon...

With a mobo update I'd be very pleased with your results, 6 busses are probably all that's needed on busses, varying the channel send levels.  For some reason Nuendo/Reason can run at much lower latency than Logic 5.5 on this card...  128 as opposed to 512.  I was done with Logic until a client dropped a Logic project in my lap, so I reinstalled...  He also wants autotune, of which I have no love nor experience, so I have been hitting the books on that, undesirable as it is to me...

Anybody know if the Nuendo Surround Bundle adds this bus functionality?  I've heard there are multi i/o plugs included...

Aleksey, thanks for the figures, the only thing I'm worried about is if the uad-1 card will run at 8192... remember something about the card's clock being restricted but I've never tried that great a setting to test... guess I better.

Hey, Nuendo supports Rewire... that's how I get discreet i/o channels between Reason and Nuendo... have you ever thought of maybe adding rewire to PS? (Like you don't have enough to do already) Is Rewire a proprietary version of the 'free signal routing' you mentioned above?  As you probably know, it's possible to route multiple channels out of reason through their mixer device, but the mixer is the only device I can think of in Reason that sends multiple Rewire channels... the others get wired to the mixer.  I don't think Reason will let you open VST plugs in it, only Reason devices.... now I'm babbling... thanks all, chime in, I'm off to check Audiomulch.

Okay, I read this link:

in another post and think I understand PS and surround better...  I'm the reason they invented step-by-step instructions... off to Audiomulch now...  BTW Tony B who left the steps has a surround patchbay included in his free plugs... maybe I'll see what that can do with the PS demo in Nuendo...

hmmm... no Audiomulch for me.  Just went from Logic to Nuendo, and I don't want to spend too much time learning software instead of working...

The forum link was very interesting however... if the surround busses work in Cubase 2.x, they must work in Nuendo as well.  But I wonder if I could route those surround outputs back to L/R master?  Then I could run 3 IR's and one stereo in per PS, 2 PS's on surround busses?  Sounds like a fantasy, but I'll try it with the demo and post back.

Pablo, you don't have to set audiocard latency to 8192, you may set it to lower values (2048, 1024 or even 512).  Only PS latency should be set to 8192 or 16384.

Sounds like your a7n8x is the business... are you satisfied with it?
Until now : very stable, and faster.  You get 6x USB2, firewire 2x, LAN, gigLAN, SATA, optional Wifi.  I did not disable onboard sound, and it gives me no problems at all.  You can disable it (BIOS setting).

If you use Audiomulch only to have multichannel VST, you won't have to learn for a long time.  Just put some input elements and output elements and the VST element between and connect them.  Enable the right kind of IO (edit - > settings) and enable audio (the speaker button).

(Also point the soft to the right VST folder)

Thanks again Aleksey and Yannick.  Looks like my next purchases will be a7n8x and convolution suite...
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