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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space PristineSpace 1.2a - different focus behaviour

I'm testing PristineSpace 1.2a with FL 4.52.  Normally I use FL's option to have the computer keyboard generating note events ( "Typing keyboard to piano" ).

First I choose an IR directory using "File...".  Then I browse the available IR's in the directory with mouse clicking the arrows "< >" while taping on the computer keyboard to play notes and chords.  This way I can quickly evaluate the sound for the different IR's.

This was working perfectly with version 1.1.  With version 1.2a I noticed that after mouse clicking any arrow (PristineSpace gets the focus) the keyboard does not generate any sound unless I click anywhere on FL's window (FL regains the focus).  This is not a major issue but I think the way it was before was much more convenient (at least for me :D)

This kind of behaviour happens with some other plug-ins too (VSTi's).  Is it possible to avoid it in PristineSpace?



No problems, I will remove this 'focusing' since there is no real need in it.  Thanks for checking this beta out!
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