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this is the first time we're using one instance of PS in a 6 in, 2 out channel strip in Soundscape.  And we are using all the slots.

The first four generate a true stereo in, stereo out reverb, 5&6 a stereo in stereo out, and 7&8 as well.

Two questions :

1. why are the dry&wet knobs not automatable in the 8 channels ?

I understand it is impossible to automate all parameters, but those seem pretty necessary.

2.  In this example we loaded only 4 stereo IRs, but use 8 channels (though only 6 in, 2 out).  Would be interesting to have the possibility to have eg 12 channels, but keep the limit of 8 IR slots.

Thanks, we're really having fun with PS, warmifier and soniformer for the moment !

Yannick Willox

Acoustic Recording Service

Automation was not designed from the very start.  I'm sorry for this possibly unfortunate fact.  This may change in the future, but not right now.

Pristine Space is currently limited to 8 mono convolution channels.  Indeed, 8 IR slots do look like too much having only 8 conv channels, but IR slots were added in abudance for more convenience only.

Glad you liked the other products too!

That's unfortunate indeed.  Apparantly on Warmifier I can automate all controls (13), but in PS not the wet/dry mix per channel :-(

I would seriously consider this, cause the only workaround is using PS completely wet, and summing with the dry mix in my DAW mixer.  But then I have to be really careful about delay compensation...

Glad you liked the other products too!
'liked' seems like the wrong word, maybe like this : ' L I K E D'

I can see a quite near future, where we will have bought ALL of your plugins !

What I really like about some of your plugins, is the very subtle way they (can) change the sound.  Even on our reference system, it's sometimes bearily indistinguishable from the 'dry' version, yet - often - better.

What do you monitor on ?



I think I may try to add Wet/Dry automation for each channel in the nearest future.  At least this is possible by design.
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