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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space Problem with prisitne space - no sound

Hello Aleksey,

yesterday i tried voxformer (which i like very much) and pristine space.

With pristine space i can't get any sound of it.

My host is cubase SX and i use it as a send effect.  So,i put it in a effect channel.  I used the impulse responses from echochamber.

But, i get no sound . i tried a lot of gain knobs (dry/wet and so on), but nothing helped.  Have you any idea where is the problem?


Please, send me the preset FXP file (setting which gives you no sound) to  I'll see what's wrong.  Also, make sure 'Status' string displays 'Loaded', otherwise it can be a problem with the impulse file you were using.

I don't use a FXP-File, i only load the wav-Files (m_3000_1 from echochamber) Status string displays "loaded (Stereo,44100 Hz, 16-Bit).

Must i saved a FXp-File to use PS?

Thanks in advance


I mean, please save your setting and send it to me.  This way I may find what's wrong.

Please also make sure you have not enabled 'zero latency' mode because it's pretty restrictive on the audio card buffer sizes you can use.

Thanks Aleksey.

now, i'm in the office, in the evening (here in Germany), I'll check that with the "zero latency" and if it don't works, i'll send you the fxp-file.


I solved the problem.  The problems were: I activated zero latency and the latency didn't relate to the Audio Driver Latency (PS 64ms and A Driver=384ms).  I changed it and now it works.  I'll try PS out.

Thanks Aleksey.


By the way, I also suggest you to read the user's manual on the 'zero latency' operation mode topic.

Good Morning Aleksey,

yesterday i tested PS.  I must do a lot of settings and i think in the moment PS is for me to "fiddly".  An example, sometimes you have no problem with a Latency about 64 ms (short reverbs under one second) and sometimes i need 128 Latency (otherwise i get a lot of clicks and stuttering sounds).  So i must change the Latency of the driver again.  Sure, if i stay with a higher latency, with the most impulses i have less problems, but then the Latency is too high to play a VSTi in real time.

My question is, do you plan a better performance in the near future?

My System

P4 Pentium 1,7Ghz



ATI Radeon 7500

two drives one for system, programs and samples other only for audiodata

WIN XP SP1 Home Edition

optimized XP

Pristine Space's current performance is nearly at its maximum.  At least, I cannot think of anything which may increase its performance.  I suggest you to use the 'low quality' mode for quick impulse evaluation.  Later you may switch to the 'high quality' back.  Another suggestion is that you may try upgrading your processor.
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