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I'm also very interested in a 2-channel version of Pristine Space for a reduced price, I'll buy it eyes closed, and I guess a lot of people would purchase it too.  The zero latency option is a great plus for people like me, that mainly work with VST instruments, and want to hear the reverb in realtime while playing.


Any developments on the horizon, Aleksey? :-)

Related to 2-channel version - not yet.

For true stereo operation, 4 channels are used - so a 2 channel version would still need 4 slots, or else you would not be able to get the true stereo preset working right.

So not much GUI would be saved.

Personally, I still think the current asking price would be cheap at double what it is.

Can we see more multichannel plugins, Aleksey??

There is a serious shortage of them for PC, but plenty for MAC/ProTools.

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Of course, 2-channel version won't be capable of processing true stereo impulses.  However, in the very near plans is to develop 'channel insert' convolution plug-in - with dry output only and without various controls and envelopes Pristine Space possesses.

Current price is OK I think, but thanks for your idea.

As for more multi-channel plug-ins, something still holds me in this field.  But I'm still developing Elephant Extragliss which is multi-channel limiter with smooth sound.  Some problems exist with it, though, so release date is not even set.

BTW, you may expect the release of r8brain PRO which is a multi-channel sample rate converter without compromises in conversion quality - it is even capable of doing 'ala analog' SRC by using min-phase filters.  Most SRC programs on the market use linear-phase filters.  I even did tests with 2.8MHz DSD samplerate and it is practically capable of performing such conversion from any given standard samplerate.  But again, I still have problems implementing a decent noise-shaping algorithm.  Otherwise I could release r8brain PRO in a week.

Does your r8 Pro do the mathematically perfect conversion that we talked about somewhere on these forums a few months back?

Don't let lack of good noise shaping hold you up -- I think that most people interested in r8 Pro will aleady have a host such as SONAR, Logic, SX -- all of which include a high quality dither.

Aleksey, I really like the idea of more multichannel plugs.

Nice one.

Elephant will be good, R8Brain Pro will be great.

What about the possibility of multichannel Curve/GlissEQ - or some of the tube stuff such as Lampthruster/Crunchessor

All there is for PC right now is the Steinberg Surround Edition - which already has an 8 channel limiter.

It's EQ, OctoMaxx, is good - but an 8 channel Curve/GlissEQ would walk all over it IMHO.

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DVD-A, DVD-V Authoring

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Andrew, exactly, it does such 'perfect' conversion.  Its SNR is -140 dB.  No aliasing and any kind of artifacts at all.  It has also got a good conversion time efficiency - and this was totally unexpected to me.  I had to use one 'trick' for that.  For example, when converting from 44100 to 48000 it first converts 44100 to 63000.  This conserves time resources greatly and also theoretically gives better quality conversion.

As for noise-shaping, I think I will leave it alone exactly because most audio editing programs already have a good one.  Another vote for non-noise-shaped dithering is that additional limiting/loudness maximization step is required after sample rate conversion as it leaves overpeaks most of the time (especially the minphase version of it).

So, release version is pretty close I hope.

Neil, I remember your multi-channel CurveEQ request.  Hope this can be implemented in the next CurveEQ 3.0 (no set release date for it, though).

How can it do 44.1K to 2.8 MHz DSD conversion without noiseshaping ?

I thought DSD does not work without noiseshaping ?

Anyway, not important to me, perfect conversion is on the other hand.

Whenever you release this pro version, I will surely post a link on the soundscape DAW forum.


Fingers well crossed - and toes - about a multichannel CurveEQ.

That really would make my day.

I for one would love to see more MC plugs, and will automatically buy each one on release.

My MC plugin count is not very well stocked right now.

Multichannel Audio Specialists

DVD-A, DVD-V Authoring

Mixing & Mastering to most formats

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