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Hello Aleksey !

I like your Pristine Space very much !  I´ve done some tests to place the

"Steinbergs The Grand " in a real room.  And I can play it in realtime !

Great performance !

Aleksey, did you ever thought to offer a "2-channel-licence" which I can

upgrade later.  For me , I will use only two channels.  And for two channels

I would pay for example $59 instead of $139.

These days I can have comparable funktionality with SIR for free.  And in

a few weeks SIR offers a "No latency modus" too.

But I like Your user interface and handling very much.  So I would buy your

program.  So what do you think about a "Two Channel Licence" ?

I think this would be no "more work" for you, because the "dll" will be

exactly the same.  The only restriction for the "Two-Channel-Licence" would

be, that I cannot open more than two slots.

Maybe there are more users who would buy this great software, to have

a start with a convolution reverb with such a great quality.

Many Greetings


You are joking, right?

$139 is an absolute bargain, even if only using stereo.  It's like asking Steinberg to sell you Nuendo for $500 if you don't work in Surround.

BTW - have you seen the price of the vastly inferior Waves IR-1?

SIR is a different animal to PS altogether.  I use both, and SIR is great but PS is greater.  The control you have is almost as good as having the real thing, as long as you have the right IR files.

I'm not considering creating a two-channel version of Pristine Space, currently.  However, I do look for possible offers from host application manufacturers.  Possibly, if I find one, there will be a two-channel version available for owners of that host application.  But offering a discount for the full Pristine Space version later is still a thing for me to think about.

Sorry Neil, if you don`t like my suggestion.  I only thought that people who

uses the free SIR are getting more insterest in the voxengo stuff, which is

definately better.

And so, much more people could see the fantastic work of Aleksey Vaneev.

And maybe after buying this product, Aleksey earns more money for his


But I`m not said that I`m right . . . .

. . . .  Neil,. . maybe there are not many SIR-Users in the world who could be

insterested in a two channel licence . . . . . . .

. . . . oh no. . there are not so many. . . . . .



I like this idea.  I think that pristine space is a fantastic effect and in a world where things were priced according to their actual value, why the price of even a two channel version would be very high, and teachers and policemen and firemen would all be paid the same amount as doctors and lawyers... anyway, because we don't live in such a world and we are lucky enough to have this multi-channel effect priced so wonderfully, it would be great to see a lower priced version for only the two channels, as I will only use two channels for my own small projects...  OR if nothing else, maybe a way to change the interface to only show two channels? that would reduce the mental clutter on the screen a little... but, as always, thanks for such great plug-ins!

Thanks for your feedback!  I have not dropped the idea of a 'cut' version of Pristine Space.  Probably, it is only a question of time.

I think this is a great idea, too.  For all reasons stated here.  Especially the streamlined flow it would offer with the reduced "clutter". (I live by the saying, "keep it simple, stupid") I'll buy it.  Day one.

Especially intriguing if it saves significant CPU resources.

It won't save CPU resources - that is for sure.  I.e. running two convolution channels in a 'cut' version is the same as running them in full version.  Processing itself does not change.

What I'd really like is a more user-friendly, stripped down, 2 channels and high quality stereo only experience with this.  Since I'm never quite sure I've got my head around this plug completely, I'll never be sure I'm using it to its' full potential.

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