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I've recently been doing a couple of projects with four to five instances of PS (using them as track inserts).  This would have been unthinkable a few months ago but PS is very CPU efficient.

Having a large interface with lots of controls and wave display is great for setting up each convolution as I want it, BUT when it comes to tweaking the wet and dry levels (to finalise the overall effect) I have to negotiate between numerous overlapping windows.  So my suggestion is that PS has two display modes which can be toggled between.  One mode would be as it is now, the other mode would be much simpler and compact window containing just wet and dry outs, offset, length and predelay.

This would enable me to use the large mode to set up each convolution, then using the small mode I could do all the final tweaking with each instance of PS simultaneously open and easily accessible.

Thanks for the idea.  I'll see if I can implement it.

It is really good idea.

Gets my vote too.

Nice one.

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