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v1.1g freeze nuendo v2 and won't let nuendo bootup. it freeze nuendo on startup and one need to restart the computer in order to run nuendo. i remove pristine and start nuendo and it works fine, then reinstall pristine and nuendo freeze again. serious bug in pristine. v1.0 demo works fine in nuendo v2.

Are you talking about v1.1g, or v1.1q?  The latest beta version v1.1q is dated 04-mar-2004.

the latest, v1.1q. running on win xp box and nuendo v2.  9652 nuendo audio card.

OK, seems like I've found the bug.  Thanks for posting this info.  You can download v1.1r now which should fix that lock-up.

The 1.1 release version is working really well for me at the moment, and I thank you!

Nice to hear!  Thanks!

Current version is performing extremely well for me.

Running Nuendo, in Surround - and a 47 track project with 5 instances of PS is still only hitting 35% CPU.

Still using a mixture of true surround versions & stereo versions - sometimes it is just as good to use a stereo version with a surround panner to create some nice movement.

Still - keep it up please!

Multichannel Audio Specialists

DVD-A, DVD-V Authoring

Mixing & Mastering to most formats

Thank you for the info!
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