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At some stage before Pristine was officially released I had tried it in FL Studio.  I still have the songs and it worked, but somewhere along the lines something has gone wrong.  When I try to use Pristine now it doesn't work even with the same impulses.  I get no audio, the system becomes completely sluggish and the CPU meter intermittently surges from a few percent to 100.  What versions did work I don't know.  My current version is 1.1k.  This and definitely several before have been the same.  I don't have old alpha or beta versions any more.  In Logic Audio and in the Protools VST wrapper everything is fine.  I have another slower PC here but it's fast enough to run Pristine and the same problem occurs in FL.  It originally worked on this as well.

Any ideas about this?  It's not a major disaster because FL is not my only tool but it would be nice if I could still use it with Pristine.

Right now I'm reworking Pristine Space internals.  Actually, you may try the latest v1.1p.  Possibly, it solves the issues you are having so far.

OK Aleksey,

I have homed in on the problem.  It's the zero latency selection.  If I remember I think you added this.  I selected it and all was well in Logic and Protools but in FL Studio there is a problem unless I disable this.  It now works but it's worth knowing about this problem as FL is popular.



I've tested v1.1p and it's the same.  I can set a latency of 64 but I cannot choose Zero Latency in FL.  It must not be used.  The same ASIO audio driver used in Logic doesn't create the problem.

Ryan, thanks for the info.  I'm downloading FLStudio 4.51 demo and will check it out myself soon.


What exactly is this zero latency?

It says in the help:

"The "Zero Latency" setting enables a true zero latency processing mode"

How is this different from setting up very low latencies in the Set Latency?

In 'zero latency' mode Pristine Space actually has no latency (it reports 0 to the audio host).  Otherwise there will be some latency (64 is a minimum).  But this 'zero latency' mode is not really stable CPU wise and so it's not really useful to have it enabled for most projects (especially for mixing).

flengine.dll error if you help me about what kind error associate to that error. thanks a lot four you help

Carlos, if that was a bug report, could you be more specific?  I need to know in what situation the error happened, which version of Pristine Space are you using.  You may write to
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