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In'True Stereo' mode, setting the same Offset or the same Delay for the both of the slots results phase distortion for the wet signal. (IRs must be the same, of course.)


Yes, this can happen, because the actual resolution of the knobs varies.  You simply cannot set these knobs to equal positions in every slot.

But, when everything is the same, I mean, IRs, knobs position... it's like the two absolutely the same slots... or the resolution of these particular knobs are different form a slot to a slot?  Anyway, maybe 'a link' could help, here, because this 'thing' makes using Offset and Delay pointless for True Stereo mode.

What about if 'Link to' button will link Offset and Delay between different slots, as well?

This sounds like a solution.  I'll see what I can do.

A link for Offset knobs works perfect, but the link for Delay ones doesn't work, at all.  Another thing, can you put some 'logic' into it?  E.g. if a user wants to link the slot 4 to the slot 3 and click on 'Link to' button, he wont be able to see 'Slot 4' in a drop-down menu and to link a slot to itself, occasionally.



Thanks for noticing this.  I'll get the Delay link fixed soon.  I'll also implement your suggestion about the link list building.

Maybe it is good idea to keep the same 'link list building' for slot's 'link to' buttons, as well?
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