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The only current workaround is to use 3 instances of the plug, and let the host take care of Phase coherence.

Trouble is, you use up 3 valuable slots of plugin space on the buss.

Aleksey - multichannel versions of CurveEQ, GlissEQ would be so cool.


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I can only second that request.  I checked last night, and there's plenty of room for you there, Aleksey !

Steinberg Surround Edition costs around 500 Euro.  You get a reverb - which we already have in Pristine - you get a comp, you get an eq and a maximiser.

Steinberg is the only firm in this market - except Sonar, which apparently have a octocomp built in.  Or if you go TDM, in which case there's plenty.

I haven't got a clue to how much manpower it requires to put some of your brilliant plugins together for SR - but I'm convinced that you could position your name nicely in the market, before everybody else spots this obvious lack of multichannel plugs !

The other thing that Sonar has, apparently, is a way to use any stereo plug and configure it for Surround.

No idea how good it is.

Still - Aleksey, we really want & need MC Voxengo.

Multichannel Audio Specialists

DVD-A, DVD-V Authoring

Mixing & Mastering to most formats

I really want to produce high-quality multi-channel plug-ins, with good level and spectrum monitoring options, channel grouping, etc.  This requires a little more effort than just turning existing plug-ins into MC realm.  Moreover, not all plug-ins may work in multi-channel format conveniently - for example, Soniformer at 8 channels just won't work on most systems due to high CPU demand.

A multichannel "Chorus" would be really fine ;-)

Hi Aleksey,

the community of non-ProTools-composers is growing rapidly, not least us that compose music for film.  The point is, that with PCs, you can get the same quality for a fraction of the cost of a Mac-based PT-setup.

PT users have a lot of possibilities in the surround field - look af Waves and their surround package, for example.  Me and Nuendo, we can choose from Pristine Space and Steinberg Surround edition, and that's basically it.  PS is great, but what about SE !? could be heaven, could be crap, but I need some more options.

I'd like to have an EQ that does the same on all 5 channels, I don't really need to have the option of EQing differently on,say, the center channel, that need is sufficiently covered already.  Same goes for the compressor.  Having 5 bands of identical tape emulation wouldn't hurt either.

So.  Build a package like that, and you're in the market as one of the first.  If it sticks, you could go on to all the fancy stuff you mention :-)

please !?

yours teh-ruh-lee


You can EQ with the Steiny surround edition to whatever channels you like, either up to 8 individually, or you can create groups of channels too.

This is true for all the plugs in that bundle.

Believe me, you'll use it and you'll like it.

Multichannel Audio Specialists

DVD-A, DVD-V Authoring

Mixing & Mastering to most formats

I should say I have several good ideas for CurveEQ 3.0 :) I know I was mentioning 3.0 for a long time already, but its should happen somewhere in the future and I hope you'll be surprised. :)


I for one am really looking forward to this.

A multichannel Crunchessor would be neat too.

And also the Analogflux suite as well.

(Don't want much, do I? :))

How is it to be implemented - will there be a function similar to the Steiny surround edition, where you can either adjust each channel individually, or make up a group of channels and adjust several at once?

Multichannel Audio Specialists

DVD-A, DVD-V Authoring

Mixing & Mastering to most formats

Neil, yes, I plan to make all controls assignable to groups: be it groups consisting of single or multiple channels.
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