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Forums     Plugins     Pristine Space demo v1.1d cpu spikes w/ 96KHz 24bit wave Sonar3

Hi Aleksey,

The sound of this guy is really incredible.

The cpu meter in Sonar3 jumps 20% to 30% from about 10% where it averages.  Usually your plugs don't vary that much - a couple of percentage points only.  If I stick Soniformer2 (alpha) after Pristine then kerbluey Sonar3 shuts off the audio so it doesn't blow up when it spikes up past 90% cpu ...

I'll try it using 44.1KHz and see if maybe that has something to do with it.


Well at 44.1KHz/24bit the cpu load varies from 5% to 20%...I'll work at 44.1KHz for now I guess.

I just couldn't resist 96KHz - that sure sounds sweet thru Pristine Space...

I'm using a 2.6GHz P4 w/1GB mem.


I think you should not use Soniformer2 right now, in its current state since it is in alpha stage.  Things may get much better in the final release version.

BTW, if you wish to work with Pristine Space at 96k as stable as at 44.1k you should set the audio block size two times larger than you use at 44.1k.

Oh - OK I got it Aleksey.  It's in the help screen too...hehe

I set the latency to 8192 in Pristine Space.  There was still too much cpu variance so I set Sonar3 latency (options --> audio) to the highest setting around 348ms and the cpu load varies between 8% and 9% now.  For mastering this is fine.

With the latest Soniformer2 v2.0c cpu goes up to 25% or so - much improved !  Thanks !


OK - I just got my Convolution Suite Package registered !!! :)

Now I just hooked up this mastering chain to fool around - just a small dab of each:




Pristine Space


Sounds very cool & is fun, hehe !  The cpu wasn't very busy either so that's another improvment...

Nice to hear this works!
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