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I have just purchased the Convolution Suite.  To anybody looking at this forum and considering purchasing any of these plugins - compare them against the Waves plugins.  Use your ears and look at the price difference.  There won't be anything else to consider.  Voxengo wins hands down.  The new Waves convolution reverb sounds great but then the sound is only as good as the impulse.  Pristine Space is capable of anything and a lot more than the Waves plugin and there is the superb Impulse Modeller.

My next purchase will be the Mastering Suite.  The new Alpha version of Sonicformer 2 is fantastic.

well the IR does have the specially recoded impulses included.

but i agree the PS is a much better value (unless you just ust have waves own impulses)


Yes the Waves plugin does have lots of included Impulses but I tried making my own similar impulses with the Voxengo Impulse Modeller and the results compared very well even although the Waves ones were realworld impulses.  I just think Voxengo has no competition here with these programs also taking into mind the Deconvolver which is also included in the Convolution Suite.  On testing I could see no real advantage at all in buying the Waves plugin.  It's easy to make your own implulses with the Modeller.

Something else that is worth bearing in mind here if you are a Protools user is that all Voxengo plugins work perfectly with the new VST-RTAS wrapper.  Waves have a wrapper for their DX plugins but I found that this wrapper causes Protools to take ages to open.

Also to add to the above if you want to test Pristine Space the best thing to do is download the Impulse Modeller because Aleksey has included lots of great impulse creation files for this which you can use to test Pritine with.  You won't be disapponted.

Cool info Ryan !  I purchased the Impulse Modeler in the Pristine Space package just so I could 'invent' my own spaces - since I'm a beginner in this area the included impulses and their IM settings are very handy to have !
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