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I'm a newbie for this program, don't be hard on me.

How do we use PS/multi in&out in for example Samplitude?

I don't understand where I have to put PS in the mixer chain.

Because all the slots are stereo.

Aleksey could you please explain in what program/host multi in&out

would work.

thank you very much Aernoudt

I don't know much about particular hosts, but Cubase SX was tested by me and its Master FX Bus allows one to put a multi-channel FX.  As far as I know, Audiomulch also allows to use PS as a multi-channel convolution processor, seamlessly.

If you don't feel like you can use these multichannel capabilities in your host, 'true stereo' processing is still an option Pristine offers while many others don't.

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