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I noticed the lack of sound without loaded impulse in every used slot so it wasn't that.  Plugin information informed me that the Pristine Space was configured as 2 in 2 out plugin.  I changed it to 8/8.  Now I'm running into some stability issues.  I hope I have some time during weekend to dig into this more deeply.  It might be something in my configuration.  Thanks Aleksey for your concern.  This is customer support with a capital S. :)

Jani, what kind of stability issues are they?  If CPU overloads, then you may need to increase plug-in's Latency setting.

I think I can do some serious testing during the weekend.  I'll report back when I'm sure about what is causing the problems.  It isn't necessarily the PS.


using Pristine with Cubase SX 2.01, I am a little disoriented on how to configure Pristine with multichannel in a surround (5.1) environment.


Is the multichannel function of Pristine so to understand that for example you can assign 6 Pristine output channel to the 6 surround channel of a 5.  1 surround configuration:

output 1 to Left

output 2 to Right

output 3 to Surround Left

poutput 4 to Surround Right

output 5 to Center

output 6 to LFE?


Is ist enough to achieve this to set 6 output in Pristine and then the host (Cubase) should recognise these output and send them automaticly to the corresponding surround channel?


According to Cubase SX manual "if you route a send from a mono or stereo channel to a FX channel track in surround format, you can use the surround panner to position the send signal in the surround image."

But when I activate the "routing" for the send in Cubase SX, only a stereo pan control appear for Pristine.

(BTW this true stereo control pan works perfectly with Pristine)

Is there something to activate in Pristine in order to get a surround pan control?


Sishaa, I read in your upper thread that you can succesfully work with Pristine in surround in Cubase SX.

Can you get a surround pan control send for Pristine?

And if yes, could you explain how?



teacue, Pristine Space offers unnamed channels.  I guess, the meaning of each channel will depend on surround configuration in the host.  I.e. if 'Left' comes first, then channel 1 will be 'Left' channel.

As I have already stated I'll try to 'dig' this area more deeply for the case I'm missing something and what Steinberg have not included into their VST specification in a descriptive form.

I hope Sishaa answers your 4th question.

Thanks for your answer Aleksey.

So, from your answer/no answer ;-) I presume that there is nothing more to do in Pristine than to set the appropriate number of output according to the wanted surround configuration.

I also hope Sishaa will answer.



I rever to the ongoing discussion at the Cubase SX Forum

Sishaa, thank you for the link!

Seems like Pristine's surround works exacly as I have expected it to work, and all what is needed is a correct setup in the host application.

Yes you are right Aleksey.  There is no problem with Pristine in Cubase SX.  It works as expected.  Thats it, but thats a lot!!


I am also glad to finally have understood how to set Pristine for surround in Cubase SX.

And its really fun, thanks to the ability to load different impulses on each slot, to be able to make the surround field sound like a cathedral in the front and like a car garage in the back ;-)

Regards and thanks again to Sishaa.


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