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If I want to use PS in a surround environment using Nuendo, what should I be doing?

Do I need to set PS up as an FX channel in 5.1 configuration, and if so why am I only seeing centre channel output from the plug?

This is almost certainly pilot error on my behalf, but I wouldn't mind if you could give me a quick "walk through" on exactly how to set up PS for use in Surround mixes, please?

I have the feeling that you can use PS as a master FX, only.  For example, Cubase SX 1.02 demo supports surround effects only on Master bus.  I'm unable to test the newer 2.0 version of SX.  BTW, do you have any surround FX that work as sends or inserts, not just as a master bus FX?


The TC surround Reverb works just fine as a send FX in Nuendo 2.

You can use it in a 5.1 FX buss, or a 2.0 buss - it matters not.

So if I load in PS in the Master FX slot, it will be okay in Surround?

Does this also apply to a stereo instance?  IE should I still use it in the master slot, or can it be used as a send FX?

Yes, I've tested Pristine in a Master FX slot.

When working in stereo there should be no problems using Pristine Space as send FX.  I wonder why Pristine does not work as a send FX when configured for more channels.  Possibly, VST specification holds yet another mystery I have to figure out...

Definitely works just fine in Stereo.

I tried to set up in a 5.1 FX channel, but only got sound through the Centre channel

Still haven't entirely ruled out pilot error yet, but hopefully will confirm one way or the other today or tomorrow.

Will post back with findings.

This thing sounds great.

I suggest you to re-read plug-in information in Nuendo, or at least look there to see whether Pristine Space is configured for more than 2 channels.

I've tried this also and the results remain the same.  Pristine works in master bus but not as a channel insert.  The TC SurroundVerb works also as a channel insert in Nuendo 2 and propably in Cubase SX 2.  Have you Aleksey found any new information about this problem?  It would be great to be able to control the dry/wet ratio individually for all tracks and to fade between two spaces.

Jani, I'll try to get this sorted out, and I'm really sorry that this does not work as expected.

I am doing 5.1 in Cubase SX 2.  PS works fine as Channel insert, Channel Send (Insert of an FX or Group Channel), and as a Master Insert.  All in Stereo and 5.1.

If I use PS as a Insert without any Impulse loaded there is no sound at all because in that case PS didn't pass the DRY Signal thru.  Perhaps this is your Problem.  Are all used Channels armed with Impulses?  You can also use one Impulse and reference all used channels to that one.

Check the Routing View of the Inserts.  Are all Inputs and Outputs connected to PS?

Sishaa, glad to know this works.  Yes, Pristine does not pass signal on channels without assigned impulses.  This will be definitely fixed soon.  Seems like channel bypass operation is of use in surround configurations.
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