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Just had my first problems with the registered PristineSpace.

I had a single IR file loaded, and as the project was heavily loaded with tracks/bits etc I attempted to change the latency setting to 1024.

Gt the message saying restart host or reload plugin.  Did that & Nuendo crashed so hard I had to do a soft reboot.  Nothing worked.

On reloading the project, totally unable to do anything at all.  Any attempt to close anything resulted in a lockup.

Not too sure what went wrong, as no logs were generated in either Nuendo or Win XP's Event viewer.


PristineSpace 1.0



Any Ideas what I did wrong, please?

So, you went from 64 to 1024, then reloaded Nuendo?  Strange thing, really...  Could you try loading Pristine Space at the newer latency setting in the new empty project? (i.e. not reloading a project Pristine Space already hooked somewhere).

Did that.

Loaded an impulse, tried to set a route and poof - Nuendo crashed to desktop with no warning.

Have uninstalled 1.1 and am about to go back to 1.0 and see if the same thing happens.

Will let you know

PS - I had to increase the latency due to crackling noise when using at 64 samples.

Please, download v1.1b

I've fixed a major bug.  Hope crash problem will be fixed now.

BTW, to avoid crackling you will need to increase audiocard block size.  Also, I don't really suggest to use lower latencies when mixing.  There's no real sense in wasting CPU cycles when host does latency compensation.

Yeah - It was pilot error thinking I could use 64 samples at mix.  There quite simply is no point.  I'm leaving the latency settings at default for the moment whilst I learn the plug.  Time enough then to play around with the setup options!

I must say I do like it a lot.  Very smooth, nice sound.  Congratulations aleksey.  Now I have to buy a new mobo/CPU/RAM to get the surround setup happening properly.

OK, thanks!
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